We are humbled by the trust and confidence our colleagues have in the dental care we provide. We are thankful for you referring your patients, friends, and family to our office.

Dr. Brian Baliwas and Dr. Adam Miller

our Foundation

450 Aesthetics believes in comprehensive, multidisciplinary dental treatment. We are involved with Seattle Study Club, members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and graduates of the Kois Center.

Risk-Based Treatment Planning

Per Kois protocol, our diagnostic opinion is centered around assessing Periodontal, Biomechanical, Functional, and Dentofacial risk factors. Comprehensive treatment plans are formulated after assessing a complete set of records/data and are personalized to each patient’s specific risk assessment.


Expectation of Excellence

Our fee-for-service billing model allows us the freedom to strive for excellence in both our clinical dentistry and the level of service we provide to our patients.

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